Friday, September 5, 2008

Toad Wrangler

My new part-time job. 

My house and shop building are connected by a fenced area into which I can turn my dogs at night or at times when I need to confine them with access to the shop (where they have big couch for pleasant naps). Lately, a very large toad has taken to visiting that area after dark. Anything that runs, hops, wiggles, or fies is fair game for the Shorthair and so I have been going out with the dogs at night to be sure she doesn't assassinate the visitor. I've tried moving him (or her) away with a shovel, but he always comes back.

Toads excrete a powerful, noxious substance from their backs when frightened and it's clear that Emma hates the stuff, but she still can't keep her distance when Mr. Toad starts hopping around. It's just too much temptation. Shorthairs are very footy and I'm afraid she's going to quit trying to pick him up and just do him in with her feet.

Thus am I a toad wrangler and body guard.


Brigid said...

I used to live well south of here, and box turtles were everywhere. I was new to the Midwest, and hadn't seen them close up.

My husky Sitka used to go "fetch" them and bring them back to my door. I'd gently release them and put them back out in the field. One of them he caught over and over, so I decided to put it back in it's "natural" habitat where Sitka couldn't bother him. I put Mr. Tutle in the pond. You see where this is going don't you? I got a good arm going and flung him into the center, a'la Free Willy, and with a splash he was free.

I walked back to the house where my neighbor looked at me and said "what did you do". To which I replied "put the turtle back in the pond so the dog wouldn't hurt him".

He said. "uh. . you know they are LAND turtles. . they don't swim?. . .

Oh *#(@. . sent him to his little glub glub glub glub . . . doom.

Rio Arriba said...

Well, as They say, "You meant well," but I'm sure you felt like poop. There'll be days like that.

I just wish I could teach Miss Emma to leave hoppity things alone. (Slitherees, too.)