Friday, September 5, 2008

Governor Palin

The jury is still out on her as far as I am concerned. Oh, I know, as a 2A person I am supposed to be enthusiastic about her. Actually it's all the unbridled enthusiasm that's causing me to have reservations. When there's a sudden, almost euphoric, popular rush toward something it always causes me to have that reaction. Think Obama.

She's a physically attractive person which is always a Good Thing for a politician, and she seems to have most of the right credentials— at least we are told that she does. Nevertheless, I see her selection as a cooly tactical— and not a little cynical— move by McCain. So far it seems to be working.

But I'm waiting for a few more counties to be heard from before I join the placard wavers. There have been a few rumbles from the far north country that might (I say might) indicate that all is not well. I don't like hearing about censorship and family-related pressure tactics in the public arena. I'm usually pretty good at picking up the whiffs of bias and ax-manship. My sense of the spurious. If that's what these turn out to be, then so much to the good.

I'll vote for the ticket. There's just too much at stake not to. But I don't have to do any gushing and fawning just yet.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the common sense. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is doll. And smart to boot.

Anonymous said...

I think the enormous enthusiasm she engenders is in large part pure relief that there is finally a conservative on the ticket. McCain sure isn't one, his record on conservative causes is worse than Obamas in my opinion, and he touts himself as a conservative and isn't. At least Obama is upfront about what he is.
Palin may wind up with some chips in her paint, but who wouldn't? If you went back over my background, and I bet your own, there are some not so nice things we may have done in our past. I don't know anybody who hasn't got some deeds in their past they'd expunge if they could.
I'm not being carpy here. Just the way I see it. It's hard with "comments" that only allow text not to come across as an "ass****" when all you really mean is just talking over coffee. Comprende?

Rio Arriba said...

Comprendo muy bien, compadre. But I think you mistook my comments for criticisms, which they were not. I don't like mass movements and when they are tinged with a touch of hysteria I get very suspicious. The allegations of censorship and undue pressure in public office may be complete unfounded. I certainly hope they are. But I want to see how that works out. I've been turned off by some of the gushing and fawning I have read and I just want to pull back from that a bit. I think you are dead on about the relief folks feel, me included, that maybe— just maybe— we may finally have someone in the arena who represents some of the things we believe in. I hope it comes to pass.

And as for me having questionable things in my past... [val kilmer doc holliday voice] "Why, Hermit, whatever do you mean?" [/val kilmer doc holliday voice]

Tmagnum62 said...
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Tmagnum62 said...

When I first heard about Palin, I was less than enthused. The more I read about her, the more I liked her. After being in a funk about the election for awhile, and being so anti-Obama, maybe that's why I'm overly attracted to Palin .

Roxie said...

I agree. When I first heard about her being tabbed, I was very dubious. But I am warming to the choice. At least I feel that we might actually *have* a choice.