Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back East

You know you are there when you top a hill and come up behind one of these.

These eastern mountains and valleys are beautiful, but there are just too many people here.

Hmm. A double yellow line? Yep.


I'm at my third destination so far and need to play catch-up a bit.

When I'm en route I don't bother to search out a campground for a one-night stay. A Walmart or a Flying J will do just fine. Here we are at the FJ in Davenport IA on the second night out.

When I'm tired after a day -- even a short day -- at the wheel, I never even hear the noise and traffic. And the dogs are always good, too.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Trip Prepping

Been less lazy than busy lately. Went visiting over Easter and caught some kind of bug that kept me mizzable for a few days. On the mend now, just in time to finish the prep for a month+-long road trip. Surprising how many details have to be taken care of for such a trip to be successful.

I'm in the "approach/avoidance" phase right now: wanting to go but also wanting not to go. I guess that's some kind of testament of how pleased I am to be right where I am. But the road also calls and that gypsy-gene will have its day.

When I travel stateside like this I pull a little fiberglass "dirt yacht" with all the comforts of home aboard. The dogs love "their" trailer and since they know when I am getting ready for a trip it makes them feel much better if I let them take their naps in it while I get us ready. They also seem to understand when I tell them "You're going!" periodically. Or maybe I just hope they do. Anyway, it does seem reassuring to them.

Should be ready to head out on Wednesday. Once on the road that "a/a" thing will be dead and gone.