Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Perfect Rainbow

Yesterday was overcast and rainy, all day. An inside day. But as the sun dropped below the cloud cover the late afternoon brightened with rosy-gold autumn light and a perfect ground-to-ground rainbow appeared on the eastern horizon. I hurried inside for a camera before the fairies reclaimed it.

As a child I had always heard that there was a pot of leprechaun gold at the end of the rainbow. I was never very impressed, since it seemed that if that were really true it would be easy to claim the prize. I had not seen a rainbow that touched the ground on both sides until I was in Ireland. Suddenly the story made sense to me: You had to choose which end of the rainbow you went to, and if you chose wrong— no gold. Until yesterday I can't remember seeing a rainbow in the states that touched down on both sides.

The lens wasn't wide enough to get both "feet" so I had to do a stitch-job on two frames. Thus the weird electric wires. They don't really make 'em like that out here, but in a windstorm they can look pretty much like that sometimes.


Roxie said...

Did you choose the golden end this time?

Yes, our High Plains winds often do strange things to our wires!

More than just a pot of gold, rainbow is God's promise of faithfulness.

Rio Arriba said...


That wire really bothered me, so I removed it with PhotoShop. The new image is great. Except now I don't know how to insert the new image without cancelling the whole post!

But to answer your question: YES! I found the pot of gold. I found it when I moved out here. I am rich!