Monday, September 1, 2008

The First of September

But at my back I alwaies hear
Time's winged Chariot hurrying near...

Those Andrew Marvell lines are just poetic abstractions until you reach a certain age and then they become daily realities. The long, never-ending summers of childhood now seem to fly past in a mere moment of time. They are here; they are gone. 

Time may be a long, cool drink, but there is always a bottom to the glass. The older I get the more poignant the end of summer becomes. Euro-cultures tend to see time as a yardstick, a linear phenomenon. Other modes of thought think of it as a loop, a circle. The 'completion' of which is back at its own beginning. What that is for a human life might be dust, or simply a state of unknowing, a return to the cosmos. A gathering up and reclaiming by the Great Spirit.

Can anyone believe that August is gone?


Anonymous said...

You want to really feel bummed out about getting older, take a trip to Chaco canyon down in New Mexico. That desolation will do it.

Tmagnum62 said...

There is something a little sad about Labor day, I guess it is the farewell to summer. We were at the coast this year, and watched the folks were leaving. There was a kind of sadness in the air.
But the fish started biting