Friday, September 19, 2008

A Newcomer?

Probably not. I'm sure he's been here all along. 

This morning I saw a shucked snake-skin sticking out of a hole that leads into the foundation of the old bunkhouse right behind my house. About two feet of it was visible. I pulled as carefully as I could to extract the whole skin from the hole but lost some of it. What I was able to reclaim measured 69". I posted a couple of weeks ago about Emma's assassination of another good-sized bull snake ("A Bad Day for Mr. Snake"). I just hope she leaves this one alone and lets him do his job.

That's a 16" barrel on that Winchester.


Brigid said...

I used to do some turkey hunting down in southeast Missouri. I'd be driving out of the place where a coworker let me hunt his land, WAYYYY up in the Ozarks and there'd be these huge snakes just lying across the road. They were harmless and I let them be.

The copperheads. Now they worried me there in the grass, but left me alone.

Anonymous said...

Lord have Mercy! One of us would have to go, and it wouldn't be me.

Rio Arriba said...

Well, I try to live and let live where it's practical and sensible. They are excellent mousers and ratters of which we have more than a few out here. I also think of the folk wisdom that says bull snakes keep rattlers away. (Even tho we don't have any rattlers in the immediate vicinity.) But if I step on him by accident when going to the shop at night, or if he attacks Miss Mags, my Boston, he is gone. I don't let ANYTHING endanger my dogs, altho I'm quite a bit more protective of Mags than Emma who can pretty much take care of herself. If Mr Snake II meets Emma he will be in a world of hurt.

Roxie said...

Non-poisonous snakes on my property are OK, but they'd better not even think of coming in my house.