Sunday, September 14, 2008

A High Plains Ramble

Over to some neighbors again, on County Road 205, delivering veggies from the garden and helping out with some chores that needed an extra pair of hands. This is one of my favorite treks. It's eleven miles to their place and I never fail to see something interesting. Right at this spot last fall, on my way home after a fine meal, a small mob of antelope suddenly came rushing out from behind a hill to my left. I had my lights on so they saw me just in time to swerve off with some going in front of my outfit and some behind. They were led by a nice medium-sized buck. I sure am glad they didn't come inside with me. There's always something to see on this little trip.


Anonymous said...

That looks like easy ground to get bogged down in.

Rio Arriba said...

Not as bad as it looks, as long as you use 4WD and good judgment. It's even better when it rains as the ground is all sand and it packs under your wheels like a wet beach. I've never been stuck with my little outfit (knock on wood!) and I usually just keep it in 2WD, but it's unusually sure-footed and for a full size rig 4WD is the norm. Nobody out here has anything but 4WD.