Monday, September 1, 2008

Another Way to Cook a Squash

Enough somber reflections of tempus fugit

On to the food!

My garden is being especially generous this year with sweetly delicious yellow summer squash. I never bother with the dread zuchinni because I much prefer the taste of the yellow crooknecks.

Usually I steam them. Cut them into slices, put them in the steamer insert, and give them just enough time to tender-up but still retain a bit of chewy succulence. Too much cooking just ruins any veggie.

But there is another way to prepare them, one that I have used quite a bit this summer. The grill. Just slice them in half longitudinally, score the insides with a knife, sprinkle sugar on them (I use a sugar substitute), and plop 'em on the grill, round side down. Don't worry if they begin to crisp up a bit on the bottom: that's mighty tasty, too. This is an excellent way to use those fellows that are just a tad on the large size for the tastiest steamers.

Serve them as is. Slice them on the plate with a sharp knife. Even the bigger ones are tender and sweet and taste like "More!" 


Anonymous said...

Gosh I am getting very hungry reading this.

Anonymous said...

That looks mighty savory.

BobG said...

I've always liked grilled squash. Zucchini I prefer in bread, or fried.

Tmagnum62 said...

I just like squash. Grilled is great. We recently didn't some grilled with portabella mushrooms... good stuff