Thursday, September 18, 2008

High Plains Feng Shui

It's a good thing I live alone. What woman would be able to stand my idea of room decor? It starts just behind the front door, what with the gun belts, targets, rifles, etc. I just counted up and in the living room alone there are seven rifles leaning against the wall in various spots. Also one heavy-barreled varmint rifle on a bipod sitting in front of the hutch. The glass-front bookcase has a dozen or so handguns that I am currently playing with, along with several dozen AR, 1911, CZ, and Walther mags, plus piles of speedloaders and lots of loose cartridges. This doesn't even count the targets, ear-muffs, wind-meters, rangefinders, field glasses, varmint calls, holsters, and bricks of .22 rimfire ammo. 

One thing living alone prevents: foolish utterances such as "When are you gonna move all that... junk?"


theotherryan said...


BobG said...

Good-lookin' pile of junk, in my opinion.

Carteach0 said...

Looks mighty interesting to me.
Matter of taste I guess.

Brigid said...

I agree with carteat0. If a woman doesn't find that really cool, she's not worth the trouble.

Makes my little rack of stuff look pale in comparison.

Rio Arriba said...

Thanks, B. But since I am BTSBD (beyond the sell-by date) it doesn't really matter. I'm comfy in my den of inequity and evil machinery and that's all that counts.

Ant he dawgs don't mind a bit.