Saturday, September 20, 2008

The End of the Garden

Not quite yet, but very soon. We are now, on the 20th, a little overdue for a killing frost. So this afternoon, with heavy heart, I went out and picked what might be the last of summer's bounty. Squash, tomatoes, and peppers are still producing, but the end is nigh. Nothing quite punctuates the end of summer like that first freeze and the death of the garden.

Long ago Whittier wrote—

The Night is mother of the Day,
The Winter of the Spring,
And ever upon old Decay
The greenest mosses cling.

We can only hope, as we always do from year to year.


Anonymous said...

The leaves here are already changing, at least two weeks before they normally would. May be that we are in for a hard winter. I hope you are all stocked up out there, once the snow comes you are pretty much there til spring aren't you?

BobG said...

Won't be long now. I think fresh tomatoes are the thing I miss most in winter.

Brigid said...

I had a bunch of evergreens out behind the house, that someone had put up as wind cover. They were dead from some sort of pine bug or pest. I cut them down and dug out the roots and planted a WHOLE bunch of sunflowers in the spot. Not much shelter from the wind, but I wanted a view that was clear and I love sunflowers. The remnants of Ike destroyed them and I had to clean them up this weekend which was sad. But there will be more next Summer, and Lord willing I will be here to enjoy their spring from the earth.