Monday, May 25, 2009

A Wet Prairie Spring

We're having the wettest spring in recent memory. Today, for example, is the third straight day of intermittent rain. If this keeps up I will have to borrow some of the neighbor's buffalo to mow my front area!

And yet no one dares to risk the jinx by asking: "Could the drought be over?"


mike's spot said...

do you guys draw off of the Ogallala for water? or is that more west?

Anonymous said...

You ain't dead out there, are you?

Rio Arriba said...

Mike, I sit right on top of the OA. Water table on parts of my place is about 5'. I had to put in a new well when I moved here and I had it put down 165', down into the OA gravel. I'll be one of the last guys on the planet to run out of water (so sayeth my well guy). Sweetest water you ever tasted! Geologists tell me I'm drinking ice-age water.

H., alive the last time I looked.