Thursday, May 14, 2009

Can't leave Emma out

Just like doggy-cookies: Mags gets one, Emma has to get one...

This is Emma's rocker. She lets me use it if I want to watch a movie. Otherwise, it's hers.

Shorthairs are funny about things that move under them. Unlike most other dogs I've known they do not seem to fear stuff that pitches about under their feet. In addition to appropriating this same rocker, the Shorthair before Emma wouldn't let me go anywhere with a wheelbarrow unless she got to ride in it. The bumpier and jumpier the ride, the better she liked it. Surf's up!

Emma will climb into the rocker, and with it gyrating under her like a small boat in a storm, turn around the obligatory thrice and then plop herself down for a snooze. I swear it makes the Boston nauseous just watching her. Me, too.

But she does love her rocker.

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The Hermit said...

My dogs enjoy riding in the back of my truck. They're good riders and never jump or fall out.