Monday, May 11, 2009

Prairie Loot

One of our favorite things to do, the dogs and I, is to get in our UTV (Mags in the right seat, Emma in back) and take a nice long ramble across the plains. During our expedition I keep my eyes open for interesting "stuff." I'm partial to bones and sheds, and hardly a trip that we don't find some good ones. At the right time of year a shed can be seen at half a mile or more with a pair of binocs.

I find five or six nice sheds a year, and these I put elsewhere. But most of what I find I salt away in various spots around the place. The pic shows the behind-the-shop repository. I tell myself that someday I will make a sculpture of some type out of them, but the truth is I just like them. They have shapes, textures, and substance that I find compelling.


Anonymous said...

That's kind of a macabre hobby. I hope you don't drive near any graveyards on your jaunts.

Rio Arriba said...

I don't see it as macabre. After all, we all have bones, and these guys weren't using them anymore. I see it as a kind of respectful thing.

Miz Minka said...

I don't think it's macabre, either; I think skeletons are fascinating. If I lived where you live, I'd have a collection too.