Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wait up, Mom!

So much rain here. The place was getting downright shaggy. But y'day we had an absotively perfect day and I mowed the whole shebang. Looks great when it's shorn and trimmed.

Today I noticed a killdeer mom with her brood of four enjoying the newly mown grass. They wouldn't cooperate and let me get them all in one frame, so I had to be satisfied with mom + 2.

She stopped after a while and squatted down and the babes ran up and burrowed under her for security and warmth, although it was a warm day anyway. Three of them got under her but when the fourth bold explorer arrived there was no room in the inn and he butted and poked but could find no place to rest. Finally settled with lying next to her. They only stayed for a while.

Emma wanted to go out and check their papers but I wouldn't let her bother them. She's still pouting. She'll just have to deal with it cuz I really like those killdeer.


Brigid said...

awwww. Thank you for that. Been a LONG day and I needed that.

Bob Anderson said...

Killdeer are the master actors. It's fun watching them try to decoy you away from their nest or brood by faking a broken wing.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing those out in California. There aren't any here.