Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dog Butt!

Frequently all you see of my Emma is her butt as she checks out her brush piles. She has two of them. Each is about fifty-feet long by ten or twelve feet wide by three to six feet high. They are remnants of what is left over from the clearance job I did to the place when we moved here.

She has worn paths all around, and into, each pile for her familiar routes as she does her inspection tours. Now that the weather is improving she needs to check them eight or ten times a day. Recently she has started insisting that I go with her. Like a little kid she is in "Watch me!" mode. Why not? It makes her happy, so I do it.

She doesn't miss much around here. If it flies, flaps, hops, or trundles she knows about it. There are risks with the piles, of course. Porkies and skunks mainly. But except for one altercation with a porkie we have been lucky so far.

And those piles do make her life complete.


Anonymous said...

My brother Robert who lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains has a Springer Spaniel who is exactly the same. Dogs make far better companions than humans in most cases.

Rio Arriba said...

It's funny, Hermit, but when you live alone, with your dogs, you develop very powerful 'communication channels' between you. We can read each other pretty well. She likes 'hunting' with me in tow— it makes it more exciting for her. But she doesn't even bother chasing the rabbits any more when she busts them out. Just watches them go and goes on to the next pile.

Anonymous said...

Dee has discovered a fondness for our woodpile at Chateau Iceberg; so much so that the free-stacked stock is in shambles mere minutes after she reaches it. She's not yet developed Emma's disinterest in lapine tartare though . . .