Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy, happy Mags!

My little Boston is a happy little thing. She always takes an up-beat view of what's happening around her. If I sit down on the front porch, she brings me a ball or a toy in the full conviction that there is nothing I would rather do than play a nice long game of toss-and-fetch with her. If there is someone else on the place she smothers them with her attention, certain that no one could want to not be her friend and playmate.

She has a few little foibles, and some strange fears of particular inanimate objects, but for the most part she is an expansively happy soul who will not be deflected from an optimistic and loving philosophy of life.


Brigid said...

If I come home all stressed out over work, I can always count on Barkley to take my mind off of it with his simple view of the world. Love, Play, Food. (but he will growl if you say "Nancy Pelosi".

Anonymous said...

I never really had any small dogs. All of mine have been hounds or big mutts. But it might be nice to have a small dog I could bring in the house with me.

Rio Arriba said...

B., Dogs concentrate on the important things. Hoomin beans spend 40% of their time thinking about the past, 40% fretting about the future, and 20% moaning about the present. Dogs are all NOW! Good medicine. (Much of their happiness I suspect derives from their total ignorance of Nancy Pelosi.)

H., Mags is my very first small dog. (Only she doesn't know she's small!) I've had Danes, Irish wolfhounds, shepherds, Rotties, Shorthairs, etc., but never a small dog. (She's 18 pounds.) Now I wouldn't want to be without one and specifically a Boston Terrorist. They are a bundle of fun, lots of laughs, and very loving little monsters. They also make excellent, clean inside dogs.