Thursday, May 7, 2009

Softly, softly...

...Catchee monkey. So it is said. Unfortunately it didn't work for Emma the other day with a pocket gopher. Earlier in the day I had seen the spurts of dirt rising above the grass blades and went out with a rifle and sat against the house for about thirty minutes waiting for the little holester to poke his head over the trench top. No luck. Later, Emma must have seen him again. I took this shot from my office window.

She had good hunting doing this a couple of weeks ago and never forgets a method when it works. She stood like a statue for many long minutes before giving up and going off to look for rabbits— a much more cooperative quarry.

Next time, I hope. They really are pests.


Brigid said...

I love that shot. Barkley gives just the same look to the little rabbit that will squeeze out through the fence line (it seems to live in some shrubs near the house, feasting on the well kept grass close in)

I may be able to get home on day this week to see him. Hope so.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dog you have. My old hound dog Sam is just a "yellar hound" but he was sure a good hunting dog in his prime. Now he's like me, more or less retired from active duty.

Rio Arriba said...

Brigid, it's awful to be away from your dog(s) for too long. I go to Ireland in September and I'm already dreading the separation even as I look forward to the trip.

Thank you, Hermit. She really is a nice Shorthair. But I must say she was a "problem child" until she hit four. I called her the Dog from Hell. But with love and patience she has blossomed into a fine companion, a superb bird-dog, and just generally good to have around.

Nothing wrong with old yaller hounds either!

I like the quote, Andy Rooney I think: "The average dog is a nicer person than the average person."

Anonymous said...

Rio, I took my dogs to the 4H rabies clinic yesterday. $23.00 each got them rabies, distemper, parvo, et al.

But it was not a fun experience. Some of my dogs wanted to kill the little "pet pufta" type dogs, and some wanted to eat little old ladies cats.