Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Who says we don't have trees? Why I know of one not more than ten miles from my place! Documentary proof attached above even. So there!

Besides, we don' gotta show you no steenkin' trees!

(With apologies to Alfonso Bedoya.)


BobG said...

If you had two more trees, you could declare it a forest.

Rio Arriba said...

Right. Well, I pushed that one a leetle beet.

We have a lot of trees, and almost all are around ranchsteads. I myself am in a nice grove of trees. In the old days you could get an extra claim if you planted some trees. Out here, wherever you see trees you know you are looking at somebody's homestead, maybe from 100 years ago.

BobG said...

Gotta have something for a windbreak. Out at my parent's place the only thing that they could get to grow was Russian olives; any other type of tree winter-killed, even evergreens.