Friday, October 3, 2008

Well met!

On the way over to the GY Ranch yesterday I ran into this speedy motorist. Dang it, I've been telling the county we need a light at this intersection. But do they listen? No-o-o-o!


Anonymous said...

The wide open spaces. Here in Appalachia, the trees close you in. Sometimes I feel like the Romans in the Teutoburger Wald.

Rio Arriba said...

H, Years ago, when I lived in the east, I brought the 13YO son of a close friend back from Ireland with me for a month's visit. His first to the states. I took him camping up in the Allegheny NF. He was terrified! The claustrophobia completely unnerved him. Our part of Ireland looks kinda like where I live now, only on a much smaller scale. And NO antelopes or anything like that!

BobG said...

Antelopes are interesting to watch, and they're good eating if taken care of properly.