Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Watcher

Made a supply run yesterday. It's the time of year when you want to have plenty of needfuls on hand in case the weather does a sudden nasty, as has been known to happen. There's a grocerette in the nearest town but their prices are high and the selection is poor to say the least. When I need to shop I head for a larger supply center. My nearest is 100 miles, but I make a semi-festive day out of it, complete with store-boughten lunch. Besides, it's good to get off-ranch once in a while.

On the way out I saw this fellow sitting up on a hill over the road where he could eyeball his domain. I stopped and backed up to get this shot from the window. He never moved. Had he been a whitetail he would have skedaddled as soon as I stopped the truck. He was still up there as I drove off.

While I was out I visited Cabela's. They had sent me one of their discount vouchers, which at the lowest level gives $30 off a $100 purchase. I try to save up what I need 'til I have one of those. While there I handled one of the new 22/45 Rugers, the one with 5.5" barrel and adjustable sights. Nice little gat, but I didn't think the grip frame was a real good match for a 1911-- too small and too thin. For about $10 more I can get the .22 conversion unit for the Kimber and I think that's what I will do.

I bought four pounds of powder and a $40 steel swinging target good for up to .44 Magnums. With the discount and some points I had on my Cabela's Club card I got out for $3.90. I was pleased. Cost me a good bit more for the other supplies, though. But now we won't starve around here if we get snowed in sudden-like.


BobG said...

Nice looking mulie. In what part of the western US are you located?

Anonymous said...

I am frequently dismayed by the grocery bill I rack up. But then again, I buy as much as I can in bulk or on sale, and that's about all a fellow can do. You don't want to get caught short come snow or ice, and I would imagine that is even more so out in the great plains.

Roxie said...

Yesterday I bought over $100 worth of flour, so I'm set for the winter baking season. I drove 90 miles to the specialty mill, but their products are worth it. After all, our lovely grocery store only stocks all-purpose flour. Since I started using this flour mill's specialty flours, I'm spoiled.

I wouldn't change small-town living for the big city, but I sure do wish I could get more extensive food choices.

BTW, great pic!