Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Dolorous Note

Sad. I mean really sad.

Tonight, at dinner, I ate the last tomato. There are no more. The season is over. It was good while it lasted, but it's over.

Sic transit gloria.


Brigid said...

Ah but it's winter -

Ecce potestas casei

Panhandle Tex said...

You do know that you can wrap the green tomatoes in news paper and store them somewhere out of the way, say under the bed and then check them everyso often, you will have ripe tomatoes for another month or two that way. I have also heard of pulling up the plants by the roots and hanging them upside down in the garage and the tomatoes riping that way, never have tried it though.

Panhandle Tex

Rio Arriba said...

B— Yes, and you will be pleased to know that I sanctified the last of my tomato crop with a generous drizzling of balsamic vinegar followed by a sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese. Wonderful, but it will have to do me for a while as I cannot stand store-boughten 'matoes.

P-Tex, I've heard of the newspaper trick but have never tried it. I think I will next year. But there were VERY few greenies left at the end of the season. The late fall temp drop let most of thme ripen quite nicely and that's the way I prefer them.

BobG said...

I still have a few, but not many (we had snow yesterday).
I don't like ripening the green ones; it just makes them taste like the ones in the supermarket. I usually use them in making green salsa, or frying them.

Anonymous said...

Hard times!

Anonymous said...

WIsh I could sent you some sun and warmth. We've still got tomatoes on the vine and new blossoms here.