Thursday, October 2, 2008

The CZ-75B

The Irish would call this a "mighty pistol." Considering that it is in 9mm Luger, it could also be considered somewhat overbuilt. It's certainly not going to be coming apart as a result of poor design or lightweight construction any time soon. My stainless version with the nice, sticky rubber grips weighs 43 ounces loaded with 17 rounds (55 ounces— 3-1/3 pounds— for loaded pistol and one reload). 

I needed this pistol like a pig needs more oink, but since 'need' enters into very few gun deals I'll omit further comment. The truth is I have wanted a 75 for a long time. I like the way they feel in the hand, the way they look, and the way they are built. So, after keeping my eyes peeled for quite a while I finally ran into one and whatever reservations I may have had faded like a campaign promise and I took it home with me.

This is, as already mentioned, a Big Pistol. A person with small hands probably would not be happy with it, particularly in DA mode. Of course, it can also be carried c&l and in that style the trigger is quite reachable by any size hand. The gun reminds me of a Browning in "feel," but a little better IMO. Still, it is big and heavy, which gives it great absorptive power for the relatively modest recoil of the 9mm cartridge. 

I haven't benched this pistol yet, but it seems more than adequately accurate from my limited tests so far. I've been able to hold offhand groups into about 3" or a little more at 25 yards. Some day I will do a more scientific test, but for now I am happy with that. From what I hear it should be capable of 2" or better. There have been no FTFs of any kind and I have used a variety of ammunition, including lead round-noses. The DA trigger is long but smooth. The SA is a bit creepy but not unpleasantly so. Mine lets off at about 5 pounds. I understand they respond well to custom trigger work. 

I've heard that the CZ75 has been adopted by more military and police services than any other pistol. In checking, I couldn't find much info on that assertion, except that it is used by Russian Spetznaz. Maybe they're the ones that use the bayonet-equipped model. Yes, a bayonet! Give me a break, Ivan.

The CZ75 is a classy pistola. (One look at the precision of the engraving and you know some unusual care has been taken with its finish.) I would no doubt carry it more if I didn't have so many other handguns that are better suited to my needs out where I live. It does get one important award, however: it sits on my bedside table along with the Kimber and the Surefire light. 


Anonymous said...

I'm having trouble leaving a comment today. Blogger may be acting up again.

I have a blued CZ75 that I bought years ago. It's a good, solid, functional pistol.

Anonymous said...

Rio, I sure wouldn't apologize for 3-inch offhand groups at 25 yards . . .


Tmagnum62 said...

CZ's have to be one of the most under rated pistols in the market. I definitely like mine