Thursday, October 9, 2008


The calendar only provides some of the benchmarks that mark the points in the year for me. There's the first day in spring when the temp goes over 70° and stays there all day; the day the furnace is shut down for the year, and the day it's started again; the day the windows go down in the fall to pretty much stay down. Today was the day of the first fire in the fireplace for the season. It was a cold, overcast, very windy day today. Not really all that frosty, but unpleasant to be out. Even the dogs preferred to do their business and come back in. So I built the first fire for fall 2008. Emma loves fires and was delighted, immediately hogging the prime place right in front.

Can't blame her, as it felt darn good.


Anonymous said...

You must have an excellent camera, the pictures you take are really beautiful.

First fire is a landmark for us here too. First frost will be in a week or so, then first snow in November. I agree, events are more significant than marks on a calendar.

Rio Arriba said...

Yeah, H., the camera does it all. I just point it and the little guy inside does all the work. ;-)

Survival Chick said...

Beautiful! Happy it's that time of year again!

Rio Arriba said...

SC, "that time of year" hangs around these parts for a LONG time. Like 'til late May or early June. But I do like the fireplace and winter is a time to get stuff done-- as long as you don't have to do most of it outside.