Saturday, October 11, 2008

Galco Matrix Redux

Readers, assuming there are some of those, may remember that exactly one month ago in this blog I reviewed my recently purchased Galco Matrix 7 holster for my Kimber CDP .45 (or other 1911s). At that time that I wrote that I liked the holster but it was extremely tight and very reluctant to give up the pistol to a normal draw stroke. I also mentioned that I found that spraying the interior of the holster with some aerosol silicon helped a great deal.

Since I wrote that mini-review I have worn the holster daily for a full month, something like fourteen hours a day. In that time I have come to think of the holster as the most nearly perfect scabbard I have ever owned for a 1911 pistol. Coming from me, a picky accumulector of carry devices for handguns, that is high praise indeed. Here's why I feel that way...

First, the holster's position on the belt (a good belt, by the way is very important) does not move nor vary one bit. It is always where it's supposed to be. The double snap-strap method of attachment is remarkably strong and stable. When you reach for the pistol, it is exactly where you expect it to be.

Next, the pistol is both secure and readily accessible. Unlike a Hollywood fast-draw pouch, the Matrix grips the gun and keeps it with you through all the various gyrations an active adult goes through. On the draw there is a bit of initial resistance, as there should be, and then the pistol releases. The silicon (and some wear, no doubt) seems to have solved the tightness problems. This holster is now as fast as any holster I have ever used. (BTW, I wondered how often I might have to reapply the silicon. Every week or week and a half appears to be the answer. It's very dusty out here, so I wipe out the interior of the holster very thoroughly, then apply a couple of short bursts of silicon. Let it dry and it's good to go. I wouldn't really have to do this, but the draw is so much smoother with the silicon. I figure one $1.49 can of silicon is going to last me about ten years.)

The angle of the holster is about perfect for me. I don't like an extreme rake, but prefer a slight (slight!) forward cant. The Matrix provides that. My hand naturally finds the grip and assumes the proper grip naturally and easily. 

I like my carry pistol to ride high and tight. With the Matrix, the rear of the ejection port of my pistol rides about 1/3-inch from the top of the belt. With the pistol's slight forward cant, the trigger rides at the top of the belt also. The muzzle lies exactly 3" below the bottom of my Mernickle 1-1/2" belt. As for tight, the holster holds the pistol close against the body but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. Even though I live in an open carry state, I usually wear an unbuttoned, loose shirt over my weapon. It never prints in this holster.

One thing I was told in my initial correspondence with the folks at Galco was that this holster is "not for everyone." Well, no holster is. But what they meant by that is that the holster is pretty inflexible, as shown in the picture at the top of this column where I am putting considerable pressure on the sides of the holster. It does not flex very much, as you can see. This might make it a trifle uncomfortable for a skinny person. My waist size is 38 and it fits me just fine. The Galco fellow said that "larger wearers" should have no problem whatsoever.

I hate gushing, but I guess that's kinda what I am doing about this holster. After I bought the Galco I also acquired a Blackhawk holster— the one without the finger release. This is also a nice holster, but I much prefer the Galco. The Blackhawk does not ride as tight and feels bulky compared to the Matrix. I plan to use it as an over-the-coat open-carry holster on another Mernickle belt as the weather gets colder here. The Blackhawk will accept my Gold Cup and the Matrix will not.

So that's where I am with the Matrix. I may find a "more perfect" holster for my carry 1911 than the Matrix. Then again, I may just stop looking.

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Anonymous said...

I never bought anything bad from Galco. I'm glad this holster has worked out so well.