Sunday, November 14, 2010

A long-term dream

I've spent a goodly chunk of my life in Ireland, either enjoying myself privately or leading small-group cultural experiences in the Gaeltachts (Irish-speaking areas).

But one thing I have not done, yet, but always wanted to was spend some time on a narrowboat. Ireland has many canals, and the entire Shannon waterway is riddled with them. You could spend months put-putting over the whole country, stopping at little villages, visiting pubs and doing some shopping and all the while soaking in the country in a manner available no other way. Some people even live on these things full-time.

In a way I have been doing my apprenticeship with my little fiberglass travel trailer that is, in fact, built more like a boat than a traditional trailer.

But the urge is getting stronger. I suspect it may not be denied much longer.

[The picture is not mine. It is from a boat rental site.]


Carol said...

Now that would be a vacation: sunning, pubs, reading, pubs, writing, pubs.

Rio Arriba said...

The Irish pub is indeed a wonderful institution, with no relationship whatsoever to the American "bar." I've been in them from one end of the country to the other and never been in two even remotely alike.

BobG said...

I think one of those boats would be nice for exploring back canyons down at Lake Powell.

Kansas Scout said...

It sounds like great fun. I hope you do it sooner than later.