Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just been lazy

Hard to believe I haven't done any posting here for as long as it's been. No real reason for it, just been involved in other stuff. Nice though to get a jog from someone saying that I've been missed. Real nice.

We're having a strange fall. The days are warm and sunny (85° two days ago) and the nights are cool but not real cool. I think 27° is the lowest so far. This morning we had snow on the ground, our first of the season. Just enough to cover the ground and since it was 31° at 6AM it's not going to last.

I took Jack to the vet last week for his first rattlesnake shot and he weighed 44 pounds. He's getting to be quite a lunk.

I'll have to post a few pics here and try to keep up a little better. No promises, though. They just get in the way of otherwise good intentions.

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