Monday, November 15, 2010

GHO— and not a Buick!

This fellow [Bubo virginianus] has been hanging around the place for several weeks now. I see him (actually I think it's probably a her) in the trees, on the old barn roof, and occasionally on the ground.

They are remarkable critters. I might feel a lot different about them if I had wee-tiny dogs. Even so, I keep a close eye on Miss Mags, who at 18 pounds is safe from a carry-off, but who knows what a hungry predator might do? People who claim to know infallibly what wild critters will do are simply wrong-headed.

They're welcome here, within limits, and as long as they behave themselves. They always look so magisterial, so serious and imperial. It's hard to imagine Rodney Dangerfield or Jerry Lewis coming back as a Great Horned Owl. Boswell's Dr. Johnson perhaps.

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Kansas Scout said...

When I was 19 I had one buzz me while I was walking in my old woods haunts in Northern Illinois. Came close to hitting me once and made two other buzz attacks but not so close. I have heard of actual contact made and injuries. I was armed but had no intention of shooting it unless it had harmed me. It is a wonderful memory of a beautiful bird. They are too cool IMO.