Sunday, November 21, 2010

"I'm gonna tell!"

Jack is a very active lad. That's the polite way to say that he is into, well, everything. He plays very well with stuff from the dog's toy box, but he also cannot resist stuff that he's not supposed to mess with. Like dish towels, paper napkins, my socks, a cap, newspapers, clothespins.

Mags has taken on the task of monitoring her little brother. When she comes into the office, sits down, and stares at me, I know that all is not well in one of the other rooms. Sure enough I'll check it out to find Jack enjoying something that is supposed to be off limits. Mags is infallible. Never misses, and no false alarms either.

I've never known a dog to do that. It may be a facet of her own reliability. It's absolutely unthinkable that Mags would take liberties with something of mine. Or raid a trash can. Or do anything annoying like that. I'm sure she is very unusual in that regard. And she also gives me a good laugh when she does it. Lately I've been getting four or five good laughs a day. At least.

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Bob@thenest said...

Proof that even a snitch can be cute. :-)