Thursday, November 11, 2010

First snow

We're getting our first "real" snow of the season today. Woke up with snow on the ground the last couple of mornings but it was gone in a few hours. It's been falling most of the day, sometimes right briskly. This one will stick, at least for tonight, as the temp is now 33° and falling quickly.

This might mark the end of our unseasonably mild late autumn.


Stephen said...

Looks like north of Ft. Morgan, or a late deer hunt outside of Cheyenne Wells, or some antelope hunts I recall outside of Chugwater up north Wyoming way.

Its the same here.

All the brilliant long colors of a very mild Autumn were taken down last night with a hard, hard freeze. Tonight it feels like late December.

Yanno, Rio, there is nothing like the high plains when the storms hit...doesn't matter what season. There is a special light, fragrance, tenure and intensity that I have never experienced anywhere else.

*THAT* my friend, is why I have always come back to this place. Perhaps it is because I was born here.

I love the Rocky Mountains. But its not their majesty that has drawn me back here. It is these high plains.

Now, I am gonna go eat some North Denver Spaghett and prep some .270 ammo for deer.

Carol said...

It's been a strange year here in the Ozarks. Temperature of 73 yesterday. Had to turn on the AC to take the humidity out of the house (the dogs thought they were suffering terribly). But we're expecting a cold front through today which will drop us into the 50's. More seasonable, but not as pretty as snowfall. Stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture! I am ready for some snow. Bad thing is we just get the frigid cold without the snow.