Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gettin' careless

This poor excuse for a photograph is the result of not checking the camera settings. Sloppy! I had been doing some copy work and plumb forgot I had the aperture set pretty high. The camera sought the shutter it needed and the result was the dread camera shake. A tyro mistake if ever there was one. I have to keep reminding to look at the SCREEN and not rely on a quick glance down at the dials, like in the Old Days.

Poor picture but a nice buck.

This fellow was with a bunch of smaller bucks. The rut hasn't started yet and the bucks are still banded up from summer. They'll split off pretty soon to go their separate ways except for the really young ones who might stay together most of the winter.


BobG said...

Healthy looking buck. The feed must be pretty good in your area.

Carol said...

I thought about emailing you to make sure you were still out there on the high plains, so I'm glad to see a couple of new posts. It's like running into an old friend. I enjoy your blog, so don't make me wait so long between Jack photos next time! And I learned something-I had no idea you could give a dog a rattlesnake vaccination.