Monday, November 15, 2010

Emma & Jack

Emma and Jack this morning in the back pen. I need to make some pictures that better show the great difference in their heads. Emma has the "gaze-hound" head and Jack is just plain hound-dog. He is, in fact, the houndiest Shorthair I have ever owned— in temperament and comportment as well as looks. Voice, too. He's a very vocal lad.

(I might have gotten a better shot if I hadn't had to take it though a window.)


Carol said...

Jack looks as though he's going to be a hulking lad. Is he unusually mature for his age?

BobG said...

Interesting body language. Emma has a certain grace and purposeful look in her bearing, whereas Jack has a less graceful bearing. You can tell by the way she stands that she has experience, and is in charge.

Rio Arriba said...

Yes, Jack will not have the sheer leggy elegance of Emma (or Róisín, my earlier GSP). But he will be solid and strong.

As I said, he is much houndier than Emma, in whom that greyhound gene got a little more foothold. Jack's a bit more on the Spanish Pointer side of the ledger and everything about him says "hound dog."

He's not a bad mover afield but of course hasn't Emma's sheer, gorgeous beauty when she moves. But he's a hard worker and wants to check out everything, no matter how thick or brambly. He needs discipline and judgment but that will come with time and attention.

He will be six months old the Sunday after T'Giving.

Bob@thenest said...

That's just plain beautiful, and once again I'm moved to drop a note to say thanks for the photos.

I see Emma as demanding gracefulness, if that makes any sense.