Thursday, October 1, 2009

That time of year, again

October arrives and thoughts turn to... woodpiles. Fireplaces. Gray days with a warm fire in the grate, good book in hand, and a dog stretched tummy-to-blaze on her rug.

I haven't had a fire yet, but the time is coming. Fortunately, I still have a good supply of wood ready from last year. It's already stacked under the porch waiting to be transferred to the covered area near the door.

In a way I am looking forward to the coming winter. Many "inside" projects have been put off through the summer and I have a full plate of them. More than enough to keep me happily busy.

Firewood is such a simple thing to be enthusiastic about. Such is life here.


calamityjane313 said...

is there nothing better then a wood fire in the fall. the wafting of smoke on the breeze of chilly night, just settles you into sleep nestled in the blankets warm and snuggly.

Anonymous said...

Winter is a good time for handloading. I get most of my ammo loaded while it's snowing outside.