Monday, October 5, 2009


I don't know what they're gossiping about, but they always seem to have plenty to talk about. They could just as easily light in a tree and have some cover. Instead they seem to prefer to be out in the open where they can enjoy the view. I'd give a shiny new quarter to know the latest topic of conversation.


BobG said...

A common sight; hundreds of birds all sitting in a row on the wires. I have always been bothered by a thought, however; where the HELL did all those birds perch before they put up the poles and wires?

Anonymous said...

These birds seem to be more vacal than ever. They seem to enjoy the morning, to get to chirping away, and catching up on the previous day and future day plans. Some birds perfer to be out by them selfs while other enjoy the group setting. Some birds just go on chirping like no one else's business. It a wonderous sight when one tunes in and it just seems for a second or more, one feels the sense of oneness with them birds. JMO