Saturday, October 10, 2009

Emma finds a birdie

Ignoring the snow that has fallen onto her back, intrepid bird-dog strikes a flashy point and holds a trophy upland game bird for her dead-eye hunter.

Well, not perzactly. Emma is hot to have me walk along with her on these crisp days, and apparently anxious to show me how much fun it is to go with her. This noble point was devoted to a small bird that had embedded itself into an old stump. She enjoys doing this now, but when the real season starts she will ignore all the little birds and go solely for the "real thing." She's a fun dog and really enjoys her work, even when it's only play.

I can almost hear her say "But don't I look good?" What a ham.


BobG said...

Love seeing a working dog do its stuff like that.

Rio Arriba said...

It is one of my greatest pleasures. Shooting is secondary for me, but she doesn't agree with me on that.

A hunting dog at work is a creature perfectly attuned to its environment and itself. A wonderful thing to be around!