Friday, October 30, 2009

The Killer Storm

That's what it was elsewhere, but where I am it more or less fizzled out. Most of it veered off north or south. I've got six or so inches on the flat and higher drifts, but nothing at all like some folks got.

It stirred the birds up, though. They were all over the place looking for shelter and food. Even had a crow visit this morning and I almost never see crows here. When I do see them they are off in the distance and never come into the place.

Some folks dislike starlings. I know they are foreign interlopers and all that (the European starling and the English sparrow are the only birds that are not 'protected' by USFW Service regulations), but having once had one as a pet I can't feel much animosity towards them. They are smart, clean, and very good talkers, too. Same for crows. I once helped rehab one with a broken tail and I don't think I could shoot a crow now. Plenty smart critters.

I guess I need to get some seed for the feathered bipeds and get a few feeders up for the winter. At least I don't have any squirrels to steal it.


Anonymous said...

I like birds. All sorts of them come to eat the chicken feed when I put it out. In winter, I think a lot of them hang around here and use my chickens as their sole source of food. The chickens get fed twice a day, at least, and they always have a lot of company for dinner. The only birds my chickens don't like is crows.

Brigid said...

I can't imagine what that was with what we had as rain coming down as snow. It was monsoon time yesterday, almost 24 hours of heavy rain and wind.

Glad you came through it all right.

Rio Arriba said...

Thanks, B.

Weird weather for sure. 60° today and most of that snow is gone already.

Short winter!

(Don't I wish.)

Jack said...

I like birds...

In the old nursery rhyme "four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie" - the blackbirds were supposedly starlings.

Most people recommend skinning them and using them in soups. They are an invasive species who contribute to the decline of our native birds, and the government actually tried to get people to eat starlings during the last depression.