Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rude, Mean, Obnoxious, and Inconsiderate

That's me.

I hadda make my six-week supply run today, a little early but I was running out of some essentials.

When I got back and was unloading the truck Em pleaded to go out so I let her out on the front porch. But when I looked out the window I saw a turkey on the driveway, about thirty yards from the porch, just meandering along. I told Emma to stay on the porch and went to get a camera.

By the time I got outside the turkey was gone, but I was sure it had gone into the high grass next to the driveway. I let Emma stay out with me and we started to move quietly through the grass. Em caught the scent and began to cast back and forth ahead of me. I saw the turkey raise its head to look at me and I therefore knew where it was. When Emma flushed it I was ready and as it crossed ahead of me I managed to get off about four shots.

I felt bad about pestering her, but at the same time I don't want her to get too comfortable or feel too safe here. I would rather that she not nest here in the compound where Emma might stumble upon her brood. I don't want to run her off, but a little 'stress-testing' is not entirely out of order.

Emma came back to me with her eyes bugged out. "Dad! I just flushed the biggest frickin' pheasant in the known universe!"


Anonymous said...

Probably just as well not to have the turkey nesting there. The dogs would get them, sure as anything.

Rio Arriba said...

You're right about that, Hermit. I'd rather she moved on. There's plenty of heavy cover nearby that the dogs are very unlikely to be messing around in. I'd feel really bad if anything happened to her poults because of my critters.