Friday, June 19, 2009

Quick curlew update

On my ramble today, just off the "mail road" I came across a pair of curlews and while I was making a few photographs I noticed a chick in the grass. He/she was about 6" high and its bill was only about 2" long. I never got closer than about 50'. So they've already hatched, some time ago, or at least this little guy had. And strangely, these parents were not very aggressive toward me. I wonder if they calm down once the babies are hatched.


Anonymous said...

Wanted to mention that I very much enjoy your photography and short tales. Very much appreciate your efforts in making posts and having a quick & humored eye for the wonder of life!



Anonymous said...

What's the humidity like out there? You spend a lot of time out walking or just surveying your domain. I figure either the humidity is not bad, or you are really toughing it out.

Rio Arriba said...

k9zw, thanks much for your kind words. They are appreciated.

Hermit, we are classified as semi-arid, but in mid summer we are normally well into the arid range. Usually this time of year the humidity would be about 20-25%. Because of all the rain we have been getting it is 30 today and feels it. Last summer it nudged down around 10-12 for brief spells. You don't want to comb your hair in that kind of humidity as it's too brittle!