Thursday, June 25, 2009

Road Hazards

I took a nice long ramble in the Rhino today and met up with these residents.

It's late in the calving season, so there are a lot of l'il ones roaming around with Mom and Dad these days. They have only 85,000 acres to play on, poor things, but wherever there's a road that seems to be where they wanna be.

This time of year you want to give 'em a wide birth when you're in a light vehicle— which the bulls can outweigh by a factor of two. There have been cases of ATV riders pushing their luck and having their machines flipped by a crotchedy bull. The cows aren't to be messed with either. I just give them plenty of room and big dollop of respect and never have any trouble with them. I've herded them with the Rhino and the trick is to always leave yourself an escape route where you can put the pedal to the metal if need arises.

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