Friday, June 19, 2009

High Plains Intersection

And not a stop sign in sight!

I love days like this: bright sun, balmy, calm winds, and clouds piled high and fleecy. The Indians used to say "Only Earth and Sky last forever." That just may be enough. Readers of my offerings here may have noticed that I am drawn to the way earth and sky meet and "make medicine" together. Today was a good day for that.

I took a ramble today to look for pictures and to visit a couple of my nearest neighbors I hadn't seen for a while. It's about a twenty-mile loop to hit both places and there's lots to see. The picture above is of the intersection of two county roads. I'm coming from one ranch; the road to the right leads eventually to my place; the one on the left, which I have taken, leads to the second ranch and then back home.

No, no stop signs. There are only three towns in the county all very far south of me and with a combined population of about a thousand. They have stop signs down there of course, but there's not a stop light in the whole county.

When we get a stop light it will be time to move.


Roxie said...

The sky is one of our best features.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Wyoming. Only greener.

Putz said...

i have barely stopped blogging but i was thinking of all us retired dinosaurs out there and thiought like the old pen pal era, would give you a note...i have 425 blogs but haven't blogged for a month, but if you want go back into my history and findthings that are familar to both of us ancients