Friday, June 12, 2009

Rain, rain, rain!

This is a wet spring. The wettest in memory for most folks around here. This week we have had rain and thunderstorms every day. Last night we got a gentle soaking rain and this morning all vegetation was beautifully 'basted' with droplets. If you're a photographer you know all about the old trick of carrying a squirt bottle of water to be-dew your subjects. Not necessary this morning for sure!

We're really at the mercy of the weather out here. In the winter you can be isolated by snow. But you can also be prevented from going anywhere by rain. The roads, normally baked hard except where they are just sand, become deep mires of sticky muck that can sometimes defeat 4WD. Sand becomes more solid and easier to drive on as it gets wet.

The hay crops will be excellent if the rain holds off long enough to allow for cutting and drying, but the weather boffins say we're in for at least another week of this. I'm kind of a desert person and I'm starting to long for a little of that much vaunted aridity!

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BobG said...

We're getting spring weather here in Salt Lake, and it is hard to get used to; usually it just goes from winter straight into summer around here. It used to be different when I was a kid, but the weather changed back about 40 years ago and spring disappeared around here. Maybe the cycle is coming back around.