Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let's play!

Mags (A/K/A 'Piglet') is sure that her job is to keep me exercised and amused, preferably at the same time. It works.

Her favorite toys are her ring (above) and a tennis ball. Any tennis ball. She goes through a couple of tubes of Wilson Titaniums every summer.

But the ring is her special toy. If thrown correctly it will roll upright for long distances and she chases it down, her ears tucked along her neck, and snags it on the run. Then we have to do that again. And again.

She shows her exuberance by jumping, and she is a great jumper. She can jump in place almost shoulder high, and when she returns with the ring she will do a few jumps hoping that I will catch the ring and then swing her around using it as a handle. Although called a 'terrier' she is really more a little bulldog and she has a terrific set of jaws on her. But I'm very careful about that catch-and-swing business because I don't want to injure her and wouldn't let anyone else do that with her. But she does love to be swung around like that.

Mags is my first Boston Terrorist. As a breed they definitely get my vote.


crazy4danes said...

She is adorable! I love sister-in-law is looking right now for a puppy. Great picture of her too! :)

Rio Arriba said...

Hi, C4D. Thanks for your comment. Yes, Bostons are really special little critters. I've never had a small dog before (or maybe I should say 'I've never been owned by...') but I didn't know what I'd been missing.

Good luck to your s/i/l. She's got a lot of fun ahead of her.

fuzzys dad said...

My parents had a Boston. His name was Duke. he loved chasing Hula Hoops.He was a bundle of energy.