Thursday, August 28, 2008


This one is a little unusual. Not rare, but not often seen. It's a German PPK/s in .22LR. 

It belonged to a famous gun writer and was one of his favorite walking-around pistols. I've had it for quite a while now. After I first got it I did use it as a "trail gun" and found it more than adequate for the sorts of things you use such a light little popper for. Its accuracy is only hampered by its barrel length and generally diminutive size. The trigger's not great, but isn't bad either, not fighting you yet not exactly like a glass rod either. It wears a set of early MMC adjusties— almost a necessity on a .22LR handgun. I would carry it a lot more if I weren't infected with the feeling (more feeling than belief) that you SHOOT .22s a lot, but you don't CARRY them. A totin' iron has to be a little more authoritative than 36-grains of .223 copper-washed lead. No, not very sensible, but probably spawned when I got a .357 at a very young age.

I treasure this little gem, though. Someone I respect a lot cared deeply for it and used it often. I feel a little of that good energy whenever I shoot it, or when I just take it out of the safe and run an oily rag over it.


theotherryan said...

That is an interesting gun. Not unheard of but somewhat rare. It seems like it is small enough to keep in a backpack and use to shoot things that need to be shot but not by a larger firearm.

Anonymous said...

I have a stainless steel Walther PPK made by Smith and Wesson in .380. I got it for summer concealed carry but hated the "inside the belt" holster I bought for it, and just kept on wearing a shoulder holster with vest. I also have a German made PPK in .380, a lady who lives in town bought it in the sixties, kept it in the box unfired, then traded it to the gunstore where I worked and I bought it just to have it. They are good guns.

Tmagnum62 said...

I always wanted one of those, I guess it is a good thing I haven't found one when I had had money in my pocket