Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lost & Found

About a week ago the dogs and I were taking one of our extended prairie rides in our UTV and I almost ran over this. It's a "shed" from a whitetail, and it is in beautiful shape. No rodent chewing at all, which is rare in a prairie shed as we have so many busy little chewers for whom antlers are a special treat.

Back when I lived in a more wooded region I used to hear about people who hunted sheds as a hobby. Some of them had large collections and evidently knew what they were doing. I was always a little jealous of them, as I never had much luck finding them myself.

I cast around the area for a while but didn't find the other one. I didn't really expect to. They usually don't drop them together and the other one could have held on for days. I showed it to Emma, but she didn't have much interest in helping me find such useless stuff. Birds are her thing. Or gophers. Something real. Mags was bored by the whole business and just wanted the ride to continue.

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