Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Gold Cup

This is a Colt Gold Cup .45 ACP. It's a Series 80.

I've already mentioned that I have a real fondness for the .45 ACP cartridge, and this is the pistol that introduced me to a few of its finer points. Like accuracy. It's also the pistol with which I shot one of the best offhand groups of my life. This was a single-handed group of just slightly under 2-7/8" at 25 yards, with hardball. I wish I could do it all the time, but alas... And of course, if you shoot enough you are bound to have a few "world beaters." What do they say? "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometime!" Anyway, the target is stuck to my safe door and there it stays.

Few would call the Gold Cup a carry gun, but I have used it that way on many occasions. The only modification for this purpose was that I had the razor-sharp edges on the Eliason rear sight smoothly radiused. (You can just about make that out in the photo.) That stopped its annoying habit of digging bloody trenches in my  right forearm when holstered. 

One of the reasons cited for the Gold Cup being a poor choice for carry is that it is a very tight gun and isn't the most reliable feeder, especially with loads other than hardball. That has not been my experience with this pistol. It has been a most reliable feeder, with everything even including 'flying ashtrays', and easily rivals my true carry '45s on that score. YMMV.

Another comment often heard about the Series 80 version of the Gold Cup regards the trigger mechanism, which has a few extra safety widgets tacked on. Supposedly this makes for a poor release. Again I have to say Not Guilty. And no one else who has ever handled or shot it has anything at all bad to say about the trigger on this particular pistol.

The one indictment that might get a true bill is that it sometimes bites the web of the shooting hand. Ouch! In fact, I am getting very close to sending her off to Ed Brown to have one of his high-ride beavertails put on it. I think that would be money well spent.

If you like 1911s and you get a chance at a Gold Cup at a reasonable price, grab it up. They are excellent pistols. I sure do like mine, which isn't for sale.

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Anonymous said...

From Xavier to Marko to you tracking comments regarding 3" s&w K frames.

Am in wonder at your writing of life on the high plains.

Seventy years it took me to fire the 1911. Stupidly stubborn, I guess. Within a week, I found a used GCNM at my local gun shop. When the asking price was reduced to $700, it was mine. Blue, "Enhanced" with high frame cut behind trigger guard, Commander style hammer, Pachy stocks. The grip safety is slightly different than yours. No bites. Eats anything. Points like my finger. S/N FN015xxE. The nice lady at Colt told me it was made in 1992, or 93 (I forget which).

Within a month, I found a used Officer's ACP in stainless. Completely controllable in my slightly arthritic hands. My next treasure hunt is a lightweight Commander.

Being a old time LEO, I was raised on wheelies and wondernines. Have a safe full of them. The s&w M66 and the s&w 3913 are my favorites. But they all will have to wait awhile for exercise. The 1911 style 45 ACP bug has bitten me bad.

Read your review on the Galco Matrix 7. Going to give it a try for the Officer's.

Thank you for the blog. It's a reminder of the road I didn't take.