Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Deadly weaponry

I just read on another bog about the guy in Scotland who was arrested for carrying an 'offensive weapon': a large gob-stopper in a sock. Personally, I have always found gob-stoppers to be offensive, but I have never thought of them as weapons before. In today's U.K. any item at all can be considered a potential offensive weapon if the toter cannot prove that it is not. This is an excellent system for statists and budding tyrants everywhere. George Orwell was right on the money, even if a few years off.

This story could have made me laugh, if it were not so sadly indicative of the death of a once great society. It did, however, make me think about the  fundamental differences between modern Brit society and ours in the U.S. According to modern U.K. jurisprudence the mere possession of a permit to carry a concealed weapon marks you as a menace to (their) society. Don't even think about also actually possessing the weapon that goes with it! Not that they have such things as CCWs, of course. They are much too advanced a society for such barbaric carryings-on. Just look at their crime stats.

The one thing worse in Jolly Old Blighty these days than having an 'offensive weapon' (like a gob-stopper in a sock or maybe a stale baguette) would be actually using it to defend yourself. Big no-no. They have managed to finally abrogate the ancient and universal law of self-defense in favor of...what? I think of the farmer who was sent to prison for defending his home against the frequent attacks of yobs. He was declared "a danger to burglars." 

I know there are plenty of Euro-suckups out there who would like us to be more like our Brit former brothers. Myself, I'm just an Old Model Human Being and can't quite wrap my primitive, hunter-gatherer brain around the concepts that excite these New Model Human Beings. I just hope there are plenty of OMHBs coming up through the system to give them a run for their money. Or, maybe the NMHBs will all just move to Britain where they could find ultimate fulfillment. But I would advise them against trying to smuggle any big candy into the country.


Anonymous said...

Now that they have virtually eradicated firearms ownership, the British are working on "blades." They run all sorts of nonsense about taking knives out of the kitchen so they can't be used as weapons, and their papers are full of "blade violence" stories. They're pathetic, particularly when you think what they were before they became so Third World.

Stephen said...

And, we follow hard in their tracks.

Jason Plett said...

Ahh, the feminization of man. We just need to get more in touch with our feelings, than we will give up our weapons, and love our enemies. (tongue in cheek)

Rio Arriba said...

Yes, but will our enemies love US?