Saturday, August 23, 2008

Miss Mags

Considering the circumstances of my life style, I spend a lot of time with my dogs. By choice, I might add, and I don't consider it any kind of deprivation.

Miss Mags, my Boston Terrier, is a constant source of amusement, plus she keeps my throwing arm in good shape because she is an insatiable chase-grab-retrieve fanatic. It never fails that I have to give her the "That's enough!" signal or she would keep me at it all day. (Enough signal = hands extended, palms outward, shaken from side to side while saying "All-y, all-y!" Sometimes it works.)

She likes her kong-toy because it is hard rubber and takes some unpredictable bounces. She also has a rubber ring which, when thrown correctly, rolls along the ground and allows her to chase it and grab it while it's moving. Tennis balls are also on the Good Stuff list.

When I was a kid I heard this breed called "Boston Bull" more than its current correct name of Boston Terrier. (Boston Terrorist to some.) She is really more mini-bull than terrier, although she shares traits with both families. I usually just refer to her as my boo-dawg.


Anonymous said...

The only thing you have to worry about is something happening to you. A stroke, heart attack, snake bite, something like that. Living alone way out there can be tough that way.

Rio Arriba said...

You're right. And I don't worry about myself, I worry about the dogs and what would happen to them. But I have a couple of fail-safe systems in place.

Tmagnum62 said...

A Boston Terrier will be our next dog. I just hope it will be a good natured as Maggie

Rio Arriba said...

Well, if you check 'em out for temperament, as you would for any dog, you couldn't have a better companion. They're funny, bright, and energetic as all hell. Yet they are happy to be inside-dogs, too.

Mags can come across as brash and boisterous but she is really a gentle, sweet-natured thing that likes nothing better than to curl up right against you while you sit and read and a book. (Unless, of course, it's chasing something at full speed!)