Friday, August 1, 2008

Cultivating the Wonder

A big job for most of us is trying to keep as much of that sense of wonder we had as kids alive and well. I consider it a major responsibility. Last night I went out to the garden to gather greens for my salad, as I do every day since the lettuce came in. 

I thought From those tiny seeds comes this bounty! What a wonderful gift a garden is. From so little comes so much, and all beautiful. I never take it for granted.

And now my squash is coming in, the corn is head high, my peas are starting to blossom, lots of peppers of several varieties, and there are plenty of green tomatoes getting bigger and bigger.

O, brave world that hath such wonders in it!

(With apologies to Bill for the paraphrase. I don't think he'd mind.)

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