Friday, January 1, 2010

Greeting the New Year

I can think of no better New Year's wish than that 2010 bring us all the sweet renewal of a mountain stream, in all its freshness, with the cleansing balm of sweet, swift-moving water.

2009 has been a hard year. We've had a whole panoply of financial and spiritual reversals, and have had to confront some hard truths about the future of our country and the dangers it faces on so many fronts.

I hope that the New Year gives us all the strengthened resolve we need to celebrate what is right and fix what is wrong. And maybe a big dollop of wisdom to tell the difference.

Happy New Year, friends.


BobG said...

Best wishes; hope this year is better than the last one.

Miz Minka said...

Happy New Year, Rio. With some trepidation I hope this year will indeed be better than the last. Let's drink to that!

Anonymous said...

2008 was terrible and 2009 wasn't any better. I hope your wishes come true and 2010 isn't so sorry.