Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A minor discovery

Yesterday I made a tray of oven-barbecued chicken. I put a whole "family pack" of skinless, boneless chicken breasts in a large Corningware oven tray, covered them with my home-made BBQ sauce, and cooked them in the oven at about 250° for three hours. This is a regular for me.

As I removed and drained them, I had an idea. I was on the tail-end of a nice top round roast, so I cut the remainder of the roast into strips about 1/3" thick and immersed them in the left-over sauce. They went in the oven for about two hours, maybe a little less, at the same temp.

My goodness, but they were good. The chicken, too— but that is old hat around here.

I make my sauce in a blender, starting with a good quality bottled store-bought and then adding whatever is handy. Never any recipe! Yesterday I added ground chipotle pepper, lots of ground ancho pepper, Penzey's granulated garlic, and some apple cider vinegar. The chicken breast were well covered by about two cups of this mixture. Same for the beef strips in the left-over sauce.

That's the first time I've "duplexed" an oven BBQ, but I'll be doing it again.


Kansas Scout said...

Nothing like a tasty home meal on a winter's day. Nice to discover a new way to make something good. We had chili.

Rio Arriba said...

KS— chili gets my vote any day. But you need some variety!

BTW, I appreciate your recent comments and tried to answer your post to my email. But my note came back marked "recipient unknown." You may have a problem there.

Brigid said...

You've also discovered Penzey's. I have a large ziplock bag of their granulated garlic. I am going to have to try that. It sounds absolutely delicious.

Rio Arriba said...

Brigid, Nice to hear from you!

Penzey's has been with me for a while. I get their ground ancho in 50-gallon drums!

If I had a larger tray I might try both at the same time, but I suspect the prior cooking of the chicken adds something to the final flavor of the beef. It really is worth a try. I'm sure you could improve on it a lot.

Kansas Scout said...

dunno bout the email...checking on that one...

Kansas Scout said...

Please try again if you don't mind...on the email replys. Should work.

Stay warm!

BobG said...

The anchos and chipotles are always a good thing to add to sauces; I use them quite a bit in stuff. I have a bottle of sauce in the fridge right now made with anchos, chipotles, guajillos, cascabels, bitter chocolate, smoked paprika, achiote, garlic, cumin, and a few other ingredients.

Rio Arriba said...

BobG, that sounds like a world-class sauce. You've got all the best ingredients: it has to be spectacular.

KS, I tried again. Hope it worked.

Anonymous said...

I'd imagine you have plenty of time for cooking just now if the weather is what the television says it is.

Brigid said...

I made it last night. (and linked you with the posting). I guessed as to measurement and threw in some raw honey of which I have a big jar I got at a local farm. I didn't have chopotle so I used dried jalapeno.

It was incredible!

Jan said...

I'm cooking that right now, Rio!

I'm leaving out the hot stuff, 'cause my husband doesn't like it, 'tho my son, and I, do.

I'll let you know how it turns out..I know one thing--it smells delicious!

Making Italian cut green beans and mashed potatoes to go with it, along with some Texas Toast.

Some combination, huh? LOL

Rio Arriba said...

Jan— Keep in mind that the dried guajillo pods and the ancho powder add virtually no heat, but worlds of rich, smoky flavor. Hope it turned out OK for you and yours.

Jan said... was great, and I was sorry that I didn't have any tid-bits of other things to cook in the sauce, as you did.

Next time, I will try the ancho powder, if I can find it. I haven't seen it around, but then, I have never looked for it, either!

We all really enjoyed it, very much..thanks!

Rio Arriba said...

Great, Jan, glad it worked for you.

Try for your spices. Their prices are fair and their shipping costs are reasonable. Products are excellent— the best IMO. I get my guajillos and ground ancho and a whole lot more there. They're good folks to deal with. Considering where I live, if I didn't have them I wouldn't have much to cook with at all!