Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A trip to town

Needed a haircut and had some business at the courthouse so I drove into town this morning. The best part about going to town is that I get to see a lot of my "neighbors" on the way in and on the way back.

These two gents were the first sighting, just a bit off my place. They crossed the road ahead of me and then just kind of moseyed away as if they knew damn well that hunting season was over.

Next was a group of a dozen or so mulies clustered about a hundred yards off the road, some standing and some lying down. Then a huge golden eagle sitting on a fence post and gliding off when the truck got too close. Finally, a big pod of antelope, maybe twenty.

On the way home I saw lots of antelope, some close to the road and some quite a ways off. Maybe fifty or sixty in about three groups. Then, quite close to the road, I saw a gaggle of seven young bucks, all with small antler sets— spikes, two-by-twos, and a couple of small 3x3s. As I drove by them I saw that there was another group, maybe fifty yards further out, but I couldn't see whether they were does or more young bucks.

So I now have newly lowered ears, fresh paperwork from the CH, and some nice sightings going and coming. Plus a store-boughten lunch. Can't forget that. All in all, not a bad day.


The Hermit said...

I guess not. That sounds like a damned good day to me. For my part, I sat around drinking Rolling Rock and posting bids on oil and gas interest auctions for my boss who was quail hunting in South Georgia. They raise the Quail by hand, then they put them in little boxes in the field and when the gun line approaches, they open the lids and let the quail out so the "hunters" who are pretty much wasted by then and just a bunch of businessmen anyway, can shoot them.

Rio Arriba said...

I despise "canned hunting." I think we should put the bizness-men out there and tell them to "Run!"

Sven said...

We hunt down around Cheyenne Wells, CO. Been doing it for nigh on 20 years now.

My partner and I gave the rosy red middle finger to huntin' the mountains years ago...too many outfitters, drunk flatlanders, chuffin' and snortin' like a narrow gauge steam locomotive climbing a seven percent grade with a full ten car load of provisions. The game can hear and smell their sweatin' arses miles away.

Plus.....(shhhhh!) Deer and Antelope that feed in the corn and wheat and milo and sunflowers taste better than prime beef. And most of the farmers are glad to have them GONE.

Herds of 30 to 50 Pronghorn can tear up a quarter section of winterwheat in a couple of days. They don't jump fences. The crawl under, or through, knocking down the electric, turning loose heifers and yearlings to cause even more damage and loss.

BTW... Just finished a Plain's Deer top round steak with taters and canned "Glory Greens".

BTW...found my way here thru Brigid's Blog. Good thoughts.

Kansas Scout said...

Nice photos! When I go to western Kansas and see deer like that It does something to me. I so envy you. I love the great Plains. We have just a few Pronghorn in Kansas. Did you get snowed in when the winter made its appearance?

BobG said...

Couple of nice lookin' bucks; makes me wish I had one in the freezer.